Graduated in Literature, she is a research doctor in History, theory and technique of theater and performing arts.
For several years, she taught at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, chair of Methodology and Criticism on Performing Arts.
She is a member of the Order of Journalists of Lazio as a publicist, has collaborated for the magazines “Minerva”, “What’s up”, “Viviroma”, and for the web magazines “Visum” and “L’Ideale” publishing articles dedicated to culture. He currently writes about music, theater and art for the quarterly “Luxury files” and “Fashion Files” and for the online magazine “Dazebao”, “Art a part of culture” and “Mondo pressing”.
Among his monographic publications: “Luca Ronconi’s Opera directions”; “On “Totò” by Roberto Escobar”, “Renato-Rascel, scene images”; “Rascel: that big big little one”.
She has been the artistic curator of some cultural events including the celebrations celebrated for the tenth anniversary of the death of Renato Rascel, and other festival dedicated to songwriting and ancient music.
Responsible for the image of some independent record labels, she was responsible for the launch and image of some Roman music clubs, record albums and national music festivals, as well as cultural events, art exhibitions, movie festivals, theater events, literature, dance and gastronomy.
In 2001 she founded her own communication agency, in charge of the press office, public relations and promotion of artists and cultural events.