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Defined by critics and prestigious colleagues – such as Giovanni Sollima, Ivan Fedele, Michael M. Kasper (Ensemble Modern) and Krzysztof Penderecki – a flexible, intelligent musician with a thin ear and an extraordinary talent and artistic quality, Michele Marco Rossi can be counted as a cellist-performer who marries research, virtuosity and theatricality in a single performance with an engaging communicative effectiveness.
In the course of his already intense and prolific career, he has interpreted a repertoire that nonchalantly ranges from the classical period to the contemporary, communicating to a vast audience, and not only of connoisseurs, an expressivity capable of capturing the path of a musical story, even when it comes to contemporary music.
While always maintaining an in-depth artistic profile, his interpretation remains usable to every generation and listener’s band through the strength of the communication formulas created by himself for the stage.

The cello has always been my silent and modest travel companion – says Michele Marco Rossi – Without ever invading my space, my thoughts and my days in a blatant way, over the years he has remained in a corner and from there he acted over time like a sponge: without my noticing it, it absorbed all my artistic encounters, it filtered all my great passions and dreams (the voice, the opera, the theater, the writing, the poetry, the art contemporary, the songs), and now it gives me everything back, in my studio in solitude and on the stage, making me understand that in time nothing is lost, sometimes the deepest ties are the most silent, and that perhaps it is the unexpected to give us the clearest image of ourselves.

(…) the deepening and the execution of contemporary music has constituted one of the most successful aspects of Michele Marco’s personality. What really strikes about his work is an approach in which a spontaneous passion for a totally personal and original research is added to the high technical level of the performance“.
Giovanni Sollima

(…) a young musician of great talent and musical curiosity, qualities that have allowed him to face a vast repertoire ranging from the classical period to the contemporary, with intelligence, interpretive acumen and remarkable instrumental skills“.
Ivan Fedele

To Michele, thanks for the wonderful interpretation“.
K. Penderecki

To Michele Marco Rossi, who played the music of K.H. with all its intensity! Thank you so much !!“.
K. Huber

A very flexible and intelligent musician with a subtle ear and a deep knowledge of contemporary repertoire. His way of working is efficient and clear communicativeness“.
Michael M. Kasper (Ensemble Modern)

The young Roman cellist has shown to master at the highest levels not only the instrument, but also all the contemporary scores performed by him with stylistic competence and expressive and communicative skills of rare effectiveness.
The large audience was literally kidnapped by his musical stories, told with the sounds, as well as with short and perfect speeches spoken“.
International Festival of Contemporary Creation of Terni, Associazione Filarmonica Umbra

And then there’s still someone who says, and writes, that today’s music does not look to the past! Michele Marco Rossi of this long tradition proves to be a conscious heir, the mastery of the instrument, the ductility and variety of interpretation, which often crosses the limits of execution, to become a real theater (but why not? The same virtuosity does not is it in itself the performance, and therefore a theatrical gesture, of a skill not only instrumental, but acrobatic, funambolic, of musical actor?), draw the figure of a musician aware of the interconnection of the representative arts“.
Dino Villatico

Born in 1989, Michele Marco Rossi already has over 100 first and new national performances of new music.
With a vast repertoire of solo roles, ensembles and chamber ensembles, he took part in the creation of new works written by composers from all over the world and from different generations, from the biggest international brands to emerging young people, contributing to the expansion of musical repertoire of our day not only in numerical terms but also from the point of view of creative possibilities.
With the success of the solo debut at the 61st Venice Biennale Festival (a pyrotechnic program made to exalt the extraordinary qualities of the Roman cellist’s instrumentalist and performer, “Il Giornale della Musica”; MMR has demonstrated with a cleverly designed program as the cello and cellists have conquered new territories a magnificent temperament, “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”), Michele Marco Rossi brings on the scene a strong new theatrical dimension combined with instrumental characteristics: vocal music, an unprecedented repertoire of instrumental theater, transcriptions, performative reworkings, are just some of the aspects that characterize his concert repertoire, which covers more than 500 years of music and is constantly expanding.
For him they wrote some new cello music for some of the most important Italian brands including Ivan Fedele, Alessandro Solbiati, Filippo Perocco, Lucia Ronchetti, Valerio Sannicandro, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Fabrizio De Rossi Re, on a recital tour to continually evolving solo for places, characteristics and programs: Institute of Culture of Paris, Institute of Culture of Madrid, Biennial of Venice, Bologna Modern, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Associazione Barattelli (L’Aquila), Mittelfest (Cividale del Friuli), Tempo Reale (Florence), Festival of Contemporary Italian Music (Forlì), Filarmonica Laudamo Messina, Society of Concerts of La Spezia, Association Riccitelli (Teramo), Friends of Music of Modena, Friends of Music of Trapani, Musica Insieme Panicale, Curva Minore ( Palermo), Festival Piatti (Bergamo), Associazione Filarmonica Umbra, Magdeburg (Germany), Choele Choel (Argentina).
In 2018 Michele Marco Rossi made his solo debut in Darmstadt, invited to play in the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, and for Kairos he released a monographic disc on Lucia Ronchetti, with his solo participation alongside that of the Ensemble Intercontemporain.
As a soloist and with other artists or in ensemble, he collaborates and participates in the first performances of composers’ music from all over the world: Salvatore Sciarrino, Helmut Lachenmann, Krzysztof Penderecki, Klaus Huber, Enno Poppe, Arturo Fuentes, Unsuk Chin, Noriko Baba , Hannes Kerschbaumer, Rune Glerup, Pasquale Corrado, Jay Schwartz, Maurilio Cacciatore, Kenji Sakai, Alessandro Sbordoni, Eduard Demetz, José Manuel Serrano, Gabriele Cosmi, Orazio Sciorino, Mauro Cardi, Francesco Antonioni, Lorenzo Troiani, Paolo Aralla, Lucio Gregoretti, Alessandro Manzoli, Riccardo Panfili.
In 2017 he performed the first performance of “Adagio e Minuetto variati” for cello and orchestra by G. Petrassi (the young Roman cellist confirms an excellent virtuoso, particularly attentive to modern music, “Il Giornale della Musica”), with Orchestra of Padua and Veneto directed by M. Angius, and the first Italian performance of “Dioscuri” for two violoncelli and orchestra by I. Fedele, as first solo cello with the Abruzzese Symphony Orchestra.
Together with soloists, groups and conductors including Giovanni Sollima, Francesco Dillon, Daniele Roccato, Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Prometeo, PMCE, FontanaMix, Accroche Note, Flame Ensemble, Ensemble Chromoson, ContempoArt Ensemble, Marco Angius, Michele Marco Rossi performs in seasons and rooms such as Venice Biennale, Witten Newcomer Konzert, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Cité de la Musique et de la Danse Strasbourg, Transart (Bolzano), Wiesbaden Kurhaus, Concerts du Quirinale on Radio 3, Pontino Festival, Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto, London Ear Festival.
Since 2015 together with the string group I Solisti Aquilani is part of a tour in collaboration with conductors and soloists such as V. Ashkenazy, K. Penderecki, M. Maisky, S. Accardo, with a concert activity involving the most important Italian cinemas and Europeans including Berlin Philarmonie Kammermusik Saal, Ravello Festival, Ravenna Festival, Emilia Romagna Festival, Teatro Argentina.
Michele Marco Rossi graduated at the Conservatory of Perugia with full marks and honors, followed courses by musicians such as F. Dillon, D. Roccato, G. Pichler (Alban Berg Quartet), Quartetto di Cremona, Trio di Parma. He deepens the Baroque repertoire with Gaetano Nasillo, Kristin von der Goltz and Marco Ceccato, the contemporary repertoire with Ensemble Modern as a scholarship winner for the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt and with Lucas Fels (Arditti Quartet), then he graduates again with the highest marks and honors at the Courses of High Specialization of Santa Cecilia under the guidance of G. Sollima, and in 2017 he won the postgraduate position at the Universitat Art Mozarteum of Salzburg with E. Bronzi.

Dedicated to experimentation and continuous research on new repertoires, techniques and artistic and instrumental possibilities, he also continues ancient music projects on original instruments, avant-garde theater performances, co-author collaborations, creating new programs and multi-faceted proposals every year.




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