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Susanna Montagna is an artist who over the years has specialized in works that have as their subject the water and the animal world: WATER because it is freedom, punctuated by a score of colors, emotions and spaces that go beyond the infinite; THE ANIMAL WORLD because it is uncontaminated and regulated only by the laws of nature.
Born in Rome in 1964, it can be defined as a self-taught, with experience in decorations and restorations between private houses, hotels, design places and art galleries; not least interpolations with live events.
His artistic methodology is constantly confronted with the use of mixed techniques and different materials: acrylics mixed with pure pigments, watercolors, chalks, sand, pastels and oil colors. Each of his works is in fact a different mixture influenced by the subject, inspiration and mood of the artist
A tireless swimmer and lover of water in all its forms, she is hypnotized and captured by the thousand emotions that only the sea can unleash in a few seconds; not by chance is defined by critics as “the painter of waves”, with a very personal vision of life: life should be seen as “belly upwards”, in a swirl of waves, such as to make it more clear, transparent and spontaneous. For this reason the artist signs himself upside down.


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